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We NEED Gym Listing(s) For This Region currently relies on user interaction to build it's database of airport gyms, gyms in airports, gyms near airports and airport fitness centers. Therefore, we rely on your feedback about the airport workout centers you are familiar with to make this service possible. For this FREE service we ask only that you please let us know about an airport gym or fitness center you are aware of that we do not have listed that is in or near (10-15 minute walk/cab) an International airport.

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NOTE If you wish to send us information on a new gym, please use the contact form on our full desktop site. If that is not possible, with new gym submissions, PLEASE PLEASE be as detailed as possible: Gym's exact name, Gym's location (airport it is near, address if possible), Gym's complete contact details (phone, email, website), Gym's key facilities high-points, Gym's hours of operation, Gym's day pass cost, Useful notes or extra details.