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Exercise On The Fly™

airport gyms and airport fitness centers are in and around select popular US airports and terminals

Airport Gyms is the fastest growing and most comprehensive community on the Internet for the FREE listing of airport gyms, airport exercise clubs, gyms in an airport, and airport fitness centers available in and around US and Canadian airports today. was started in 2002 with the explicit purpose of providing exercise and health conscious travelers with a community and FREE service on the Internet for finding ulterior means of working out while in airports and terminals in and around the US and Canada. Our goal is to make available locations, costs, details of all US (and Canadian) airport gyms and fitness centers made available to us. That is why or motto is Exercise on The Fly™. currently relies on user interaction to build its database of airport gyms and airport fitness centers in and around select major airports and terminals. Therefore, we rely on you and your feedback about the airport workout centers you are familiar with to make this service possible. For this FREE service we ask only that you please contact us with any information about an airport gym you are aware of that we do not have listed.

At, you will find that the big chain gyms like 24-Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Bally's and Gold's Gyms are routinely listed as well as the smaller local gyms and hotels with gyms near airports.

Currently, as our database of airport gyms and gyms in and around airport terminals grows, we provide this service FREE. As well, this service only has the option of searching via state to see a listing of airport gyms and workout centers in airports in that state. As the service expands, so will the options available at

For this FREE service we ask only that you please let us know about an airport gym or fitness center you are aware of that we do not have listed that is in or near (10-15 minute walk/cab) an International airport.

This site is a community effort for the health conscious travelers, by health conscious travelers. Now you can stay fit and healthy while traveling to your destination and Exercise on The Fly™.

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